Hivi speaker

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hivi speaker

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hivi speaker

February in DIY. It's been a pretty cold winter, which has delayed some planned projects. My pair painstakingly finished in primer for the show,is shown here.

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Some of the reviews indicate that the overall sound is a bit bright, but can be corrected by increasing mid and tweeter resistor values. Rich Turn 2 had done this to a pair that he also brought to the Iowa show, but a wiring error led to some strain on the mids - so we stopped the demo early. Rich indicated that he had modified the resistor values.

I wanted to start by measuring the stock FR. This actually looks almost identical to what is posted on HiVi's website but using a more revealing scale. I didn't splice in any low frequency nearfield response, so anything below about Hz is not accurate. I would expect this to sound a little bright and, to my ears, it does.

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The next step was to unhook the individual drivers from the crossover and see what we are working with. The woofer is the LR 4 ohmwhich is the same model number sold by Madisound and Meniscus. The in-box FR is remarkably well behaved with a very smooth rolloff starting between 2 and 3 kHz. The in box impedance plot shows that the cabinet is tuned to 50 Hz. There is little else remarkable to note.

The midrange is the DMN-B. Physically the only difference I can readily observe is a 4 screw flange vs.

hivi speaker

The frequency response is very similar to what I measured for the DMN-A with minor differences likely due to cabinet geometries. The tweeter is the RT I have heard the 1. The faceplate is different from the standard RT1. The frequency response is pretty well behaved, which isn't a given for a planar tweeter. There is a slight peak at around 12kHz, which also showed up in the overall speaker response.

Impedance is pretty much a flat line at around 6 ohms, as one would expect from this type of tweeter.

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The next step will be to use the measurements to simulate what it would take to balance out the response.Forum Rules. Login Register. Remember Me? Results 1 to 13 of Does any one know anything about HiVi-Swan Speakers? They seem to build alot of very well made and nice looking speaker. I ran into these online.

These speakers are made in a stone structure. Or these? What about these? I dont know any body who has any of those or these. And I really like these. Man they sure make nice looking stuff. They do seem very nicely made. Have you had a chance to hear any of them?

Hi Fred! No I have not, but would love to take a listen. I really love these. And look at these!!! I wonder why no one ever talks about HiVi speakers??? HiVi drivers are readily available from DIY providers such as Parts Express and Madisound but the finished speakers seem pretty rare at retailers.

Feanor's stereo configuration.

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Last edited by frenchmon; at AM. I used to love the Swans Allure speaker before the company was sold to China. Such a nice looking shape and design. I'd like to hear the custom as well but nobody I know in my area has done the upgrade yet and my dealer doesn't have any. The original Diva line was one of the most garish looking speakers I have seen and sounded as such. They swept through this site when it first started out but then fizzled quickly. I recently got to hear the 6.

I had high hopes for the F2. They did not sound good enough to me for that price point.Cons: Immediately when I plugged them in I noticed a lot of white noise and a radio station coming through. The cables they use are cheap and the speakers feel light and cheap. I was expecting a lot more from what I've read of swan speakers. I've had 4 different sets of speakers hooked up to this same power strip and audio jacks and none of them have ever had a single issue. You may have an issue like me you may not.

I encourage anyone considering these speakers to do a google search on Swan M10's and buzzing or radio noise.

HiVi DIY 3.1 Revisited

I wish I had before I bought these. Now I'm just facing the chore of having to see about getting them returned. Overall Review: I wish that I could have at least heard them with no interference they might actually sound good if they were so poorly shielded. Also, as poorly shielded as these are I can't imagine they wouldn't make a lot of noise when your cell phone receives a call.

Pros: The speakers sound great, exactly what you'd expect from Swan and the specifications. Its true the low end is lacking but this is clearly made up by the excellent mids and highs. Cons: The support channel for these speakers is not in place. I received my speakers and they have a nice buzz and radio interference, I hear NPR loud and clear.

So im still waiting for either Newegg or the Manufacturer to step up and take care of the situation. Overall Review: Very well packaged, but where the heck is the manual, support info, and warranty info? Pros: This 2.

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I set the computer on top of the subwoofer, plugged the Swans in and was blown away! This is a just released product from a very well regarded manufacturer of high end audio equipment. All they do is speakers, and they do them right! Aside from the clarity of highs and responsive bass, the glowing blue volume knob is very sexy! Pros: nice clean look, good sound with decent clarity and sound stage, great value at the asking price. Cons: Requires more space as subwoofer needs to be on desktop for sounding the best.

Overall Review: I have had this little gem in my office for over 3 years and still am amazed at how good it looks and sounds. The down side is you need a big table to accommodate these speakers along with your PC monitor. I put them on a separate cadenza. Pros: The speakers sound great. I did not buy them from Newegg because they were out of stock, but most of my computer related stuff I do. The speakers do sound wonderful as they are, but I couple mine with a Dac running through USB to my computer, and the sound is absolutely amazing for the price.

Cons: The cons, to me are a major annoying one. I can hear a buzz through the lines and I can hear a country radio station almost perfectly.Wolfy's Photobucket. Howdy, Stranger! It looks like you're new here. If you want to get involved, click one of these buttons!

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Sign In Register. Categories 1. Who's Online 1 Wolf PM. Rules, TOS, Privacy. Get familiar with the reaction system: Introducing the Reaction System. February in DIY. If the advertised specs are accurate, this is a killer sealed box and vented box woofer. Long throw, etc. There are some wrinkles and a rise in the impedance not congruent with modern advanced motor design - but that may simply mean it is limited to 3-way use for a high end build.

However, it is my belief that the impedance curve receives too much attention when it comes to judging distortion, so I will wait for 3rd party feedback. My greater concern is the history of HiVi being, shall we say, less than reliable on their provided specs.

I have measured enough of them at this point not to trust a damn thing they claim. Le sigh, looks like a killer woofer on paper.

February Sensitivity is low for an 8" driver, an obvious compromise for cabinet size and excursion. I think it looks great too! Wolf said:. I wonder what the creamy center is made of?Sign Out. Join Sign in. Great news! We literally have thousands of great products in all product categories. AliExpress will never be beaten on choice, quality and price. But you may have to act fast as this top hivi speaker is set to become one of the most sought-after best-sellers in no time.

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Google Play App Store.It's Swans that makes your dreams of moving theater, odeum vocal concert and karo OK into home came into being through ten years rigid work and electroacoustical experences. Full Range Drivers -2 inches of a full frequency design; -advanced alloy aluminum cone, coated with special damping material, and anodized; Specially made transparent high-instauration rubber surround PUthe shape Innovational style of pointing style design. Round ribbon ring-like film membrane can eliminate the differences between uprightness and parallel.

Soundstage orienta Dome Tweeters Natural fiber high damping dome membrane. Flat frequency response, could reach 20 Kc in high frequency range. Natural and detailed sound performance. High-performance magnetic structure. Dome Midrange This is a new generation modified version of DMB-A Treated inartificial fabric, 50mm dome midrange cone, coated with special damping material.

Sound is nature and accurate. High power underhung voic L Series Woofer In profession field, high sound pressure, high power, high responsibility and low distortion are mutual restrict and complement each other.

How to well assort with them is a foundation that measures t The Hi-Vi D series loudspeaker of huge successful, Established the leading position that science and technology at the electroac InSwans manufactured M5N woofer with ori W Series Woofer -PPF composite poly cone; -high loss rubber surround; -High performance ferrite double magnet entire coupling shield anti-magnetic circuit system -High power handling Kapton? Voice coil former Paper composite -Germany special manufactured anti-tired high loss natural rubber surround: f Subwoofer Drivers Hi-vi Symmetric Motor Drive SMD technology makes the voice coil into a symmetrical driving magnetic field, thus acquiring symmetrical reducing voice coil inductance and back electromotive force moduThis website uses cookies.

hivi speaker

By continuing to browse the site without changing your browser settings, you consent to the use of cookies. Privacy Policy. HiVi Acoustics is a world leading speaker manufacturer that has been making speaker audio components for over 25 years. Our goal is to give an amazing consistent audio experience to the world, regardless of content, format, culture or personal tastes.

We do this by designing and manufacturing world quality audio products such as drivers, speakers, amplifiers, receivers, and more. Shortly joined afterwards by Frank Hale, Swans Speakers became famous with its line of high end speakers at Chicago.

This comes from our passion for sound quality, natural materials and beautiful design. Our philosophy is not just to convert audio signals to sound waves. Music is not just about hearing, it is an expression of culture and lifestyle. Our objective is thus not only the give you the most natural and high-fidelity sound, but also in a way of listening that reflects the time and technology of today. We are deeply motivated to provide each of our customers the products that will give the best audio-musical experience possible.

Privacy Policy OK. Our Company. About HiVi acoustics HiVi Acoustics is a world leading speaker manufacturer that has been making speaker audio components for over 25 years. Our philosophy Our philosophy is not just to convert audio signals to sound waves. We hope that you will join us on this journey.

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